There are many sidequests and optional activities to do in Hogwarts Legacy that range in difficulty and rewards. However, there’s one sidequest that stands above the rest in terms of how tricky it is to not only complete, but even tobegin. The Halls of Herodiana quest isn’t one you will stumble upon, nor stumble your way through. Rather than break your wand in frustration, here’s how to start and solve every puzzle in the Herodiana Halls quest.

A wizard standing in front of a gate.

How to start the Halls of Herodiana quest

Starting the quest is the first challenge. Thankfully it isn’t hard; it’s just never pointed out to you.

Step 1: Head to the Charms Classroom.

Step 2: Find and speak to Sophronia Franklin.

Step 3: Accept the quest and follow the marker to a secret door on the bottom floor of the Defence Against the Dark Arts Tower.

Step 4: Use Depulso to open the door and enter.

A wizard solving a block puzzle.

How to solve the first puzzle

All three of the puzzles ahead involve pushing blocks to create a path forward. The two spells you’ll need are Depulso and Accio.

Step 1: Use Depulso to push the two blocks against the east wall.

Step 2: Climb up the blocks and exit this room.

How to solve the second puzzle

The second puzzle will be harder than the first, but still isn’t too difficult to execute.

Step 1: Use Depulso on the one movable block on the higher level to move it west.

Step 2: Position yourself on top of the immovable blocks and cast Accio on the movable block to pull it up to fit in line.

Step 3: Jump to the now complete row of blocks and exit the room.

Step 4: There is an optional extra chest in this room you can also get before you exit.

Step 5: Face the exit and cast Accio to move the block toward you.

Step 6: Climb up the blocks to get above the entrance and loot the treasure chest.

Step 7: To get back to the exit, simply use Depulso to push the block back to the wall next to the exit to reach it again.

A wizard pushing a block with a spell.

How to complete the third puzzle

This is the most difficult one yet, and can easily leave you stumped. Here’s how to get through it.

Step 1: Use Accio to pull the single movable block to the south wall.

Step 2: Use Depulso to push it toward the switch.

Step 3: Cast Accio to bring it over to the north wall and climb up to jump across to activate the switch. This will reset the block.

Step 4: Now cast Accio again to pull the block to the east and west walls to make a complete bridge for you to cross.

Step 5: Travel over and claim the final reward.

How to get the optional chest in the third puzzle

If you’re interested in getting some extra loot for all your effort in solving these puzzles, here’s how to get the optional chest in the third chamber.

Step 1: Push the block to the back of the room from its starting position.

Step 2: Climb up the stationary blocks on the left side.

Step 3: Use Depuslo to push the block to the right wall.

Step 4: Cast Accio to pull the block to the stationary platform with the switch on it.

Step 5: Use Accio to move the block to the left and up against the stationary blocks.

Step 6: Go around behind the block and cast Depulso to move it all the way back against the wall.

Step 7: Climb up and open up the chest.

Step 8: You will need to reset the room and start again to solve the room as listed above.

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