A fellow student of Hogwarts you will come to know while playing Hogwarts Legacy is Adelaide Oaks. They are desperately trying to figure out what happened to their uncle, Rowland Oakes, and will bring you along to solve the mystery. This quest, titled “The Tale of Rowland Oaks,” is one of the more obtuse in the game. Given nothing but a vague map and set of directions, you will easily become stuck. Thankfully, we’ve used our magic to reveal the path forward for you so you can complete this quest.

A handdrawn map.

How to use Rowland’s map to follow his trail

After you’ve begun the quest and collected the map from the abandoned campsite, you’re left with nothing but the vague scribbles leading you to where you’re intended to go.

Step 1: Summon your broom and take off.

Step 2: Head southwest and follow the river. Looking at your map, you’ll be aiming for the Korrow Ruins Floo Flame marker.

Step 3: Once you reach the Korrow Ruins Floo Flame location, you will approach the Bandit Camp Castle dungeon just to the north of the flame.

A wizard activating a floo flame.

Step 4: This will trigger the quest to begin the next step, which is to enter the goblin outpost.

Step 5: Enter the area and follow the remaining steps to complete the quest.

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