Troll Bogeys, if you’re unfamiliar, are as gross as they sound. In Hogwarts Lgacy, one of Professor Onai’s assignments for you is, unfortunately, to collect this precious nasal resource straight from the source. That source, of course, would be trolls. As you might expect, trolls aren’t exactly willing to let you mine their bogeys, but they’re not only essential for completing this assignment, but also a key ingredient in making invisibility potions. Here’s every way to get Troll Bogeys in Hogwarts Legacy.

A wizard walks through the open-world of Hogwarts Legacy.

Where to find Troll Lairs

The most obvious way to get Troll Bogeys is to go right to the source. Trolls aren’t just wandering around, and need to be tracked down in their lairs.

Step 1: Open your map and look for an icon that resembles a mountain.

Step 2: Highlight the icon to make sure it is listed as a Troll Lair. There are three to find in the following areas:

  • The northeast side of Feldcroft
  • The west side of Feldcroft
  • Near Poidsear Castle

Step 3: Travel to that location and face the troll. An effective spell to use against them is Expelliarmus, as well as Confringo and Incendio.

Step 4: Defeat the troll and loot it for up to three Troll Bogeys.

A student holding a wand in Hogwarts Legacy.

Where to purchase Troll Bogeys

If you’re not so keen on fighting for bogeys, you can purchase some if you’ve got cash to spare.

Step 1: Travel to Hogsmeade and enter the J. Pippins Potions shop.

Step 2: He will sell Troll Bogeys for 100 Galleons each.

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