The design of the QuietOn 3.1 is bland and unglamorous. The outer shell of the carrying case is made of hard plastic. The company’s logo is engraved on top and printed on another label at the bottom. You can recognize the top side of the carrying case by feeling the engraving in darkness or without looking. Overall, the case doesn’t leave you with a great first impression; the lack of finesse might make you wonder if you overspent.

Flipping the case open reveals the cradle where the two earbuds are seated, topped with a thick layer of metal. This metal surface gives the cradle a more premium appeal and saves it from being perceived as cheap. The metal plate also has cutouts for LEDs that indicate the level of battery remaining in each earbud; these are essential because there is no app to control the earbuds.

Three more LEDs on the back of the case indicate its battery level. Underneath the LEDs, we find a USB Type-C port used for charging the case. Meanwhile, the hinge that holds the case’s door is quite loose and lacks that plush feeling of the slow-closing hinges we see on several earbuds cases in this price bracket.

Inside, the two earbuds sit inside their respective slots, slightly raised because of pogo pin connectors that push them upwards. The earbuds are considerably smaller than a conventional earbud from a pair of truly wireless stereo (TWS) earphones such as the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro. Each of them has the letter “Q” engraved and two large openings under which the noise-gauging microphone is placed.

Lifting the earbuds for the first time is a pleasant surprise; each earbud weighs barely 2 grams (approximately 0.07 oz). At the other end, the earbuds use memory foam eartips. Unlike traditional silicone eartips, these foam tips are highly supple and will easily mold with the shape of your ear canal, providing optimal noise isolation. QuietOn doesn’t mention whether these are from Comply, the leading brand selling memory foam eartips, or any other company. Besides the pair of pre-applied eartips, you also get three more pairs in small, medium, and large sizes, allowing you to choose one that fits the best.

The same plastic surface continues on the earbuds. Thankfully, the two cutouts make them resemble alien faces, which is a saving grace. I would have preferred a more refined — probably a soft-touch material — instead of the grainy and textured plastic.

Despite this material, the lightweight build and the compact design hint at great comfort from using these earphones.

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