Best Black Friday Gaming PC Deals

Even though Black Friday is still a couple of days out, retailers have opened the floodgates on Black Friday gaming PC deals, which is great if you want to avoid the Black Friday rush. So, to help you along your shopping journey, we’ve collected some of the best gaming PC deals on the market, meaning you don’t have to deal with the usual slog of looking for the best deals. While you’re here, you might consider looking at our roundup of Black Friday gaming laptop deals, especially if you’re open to using one of the higher-end ones as a desktop replacement.

CyberPowerPC Gamer Xtreme — $850, was $1,100

CyberPowerPC Gamer Xtreme Gaming Desktop on a white background.

One of the first Black Friday gaming PC deals we’ll look at features an RTX 3050, which we don’t often see on a desktop since the 3050 is usually a laptop-specific GPU. Nonetheless, it has some other redeeming features like a 12th-gen Intel Core 5-12600KF, a strong mid-tier CPU, and 16GB of RAM, and together they’ll provide you with a relatively smooth experience on your OS. You also get 500GB of storage, which is on the lower side, so you might consider grabbing an extra HDD or SSD to supplement that. If you’re starting out and don’t know how to build your PC from scratch, then the Gamer Xtreme is an excellent option, especially since CyberPowerPC includes a nice mouse and keyboard with this deal.

Legion Tower 5i Gen 6 — $1,100, was $1,540

Lenovo Legion Tower 5i gaming PC on white background.

We like the Legion Tower 5i so much that we’ve even given it a spot in our list of the best gaming desktop PCs. Under the hood, it runs an RTX 3060, which is significantly more potent than an RTX 3050, and the lowest-end card you want to work with when moving to a desktop, so it’s worth the upgrade if you can afford it. It also has an 11th-gen Intel i5-11400, which is still a powerful mid-range CPU and shouldn’t see you have problems running CPU-intense games like simulation or strategy. The 16GB of RAM in a dual-channel arrangement is great and gives you a bit more performance, and the 650W PSU means you have some room to expand in the future. On the other hand, the 500GB SSD is on the lower end for a gaming desktop, so you might want to go with one of these external hard drive deals to help supplement it. Lenovo throws in three months of Xbox Game Pass, so it’s a nice cherry on top.

Alienware Aurora R13 — $1,300, was $1,872

The Alienware Aurora R13 Gaming Desktop on a white background.

Moving up a notch in terms of GPU, this is one of the cooler-looking Black Friday gaming PC deals you will find, and that’s something Alienware always excels at. With an RTX 3060 Ti, you get a bit more performance for those extra frames, and the 12th-gen Intel i7-12700F is powerful enough to stream to Twitch or YouTube if you want to. It also makes the whole setup a bit more versatile since you can do things like music or video editing with that extra CPU power. This is also the first entry in the list with 16GB of DDR5 RAM, the fastest on the market, and a surprise to see in this price range. Unfortunately, you only get a 500GB SSD for storage, so you’ll likely have to upgrade down the line, given how big games have gotten.

Legion Tower 7i — $1,630, was $2,240

The Lenovo Legion Tower 7i gaming PC with RTX 3070.

The Legion Tower 7i is probably one of the better Black Friday gaming PC deals if you want something that balances performance with cost, especially since it comes with an RTX 3070. That means it can easily handle 2K at 144Hz, as you’d find in these gaming monitor deals, and with the discount, you can probably get an excellent monitor to pair this with without going over $2,000 in total. While the 11th-gen Intel i7-11700K  isn’t the latest, it’s still plenty powerful for gaming, editing, and streaming. Sadly, you don’t get DDR5 RAM, but the 16GB of DDR4 RAM is in dual-channel configuration, so you get a slight performance boost. The 650W power supply is also a nice jumping-off point for upgrades, which you might not even need to since you get both a 1TB HDD and 500GB SSD for storage, more than enough to last you at least a year or two if not longer.

Alienware R14 Aurora Ryzen Edition — $2,100, was $2,780

Side view of the Alienware Aurora R14 gaming PC.

Our last deal is a beast, running an RTX 3080 Ti under the hood and making it possible to game at 4K with some comfortable frame rates. Granted, you aren’t going to be hitting over 100, especially on the latest games, but at that point, everything looks so gorgeous you might not even care. The AMD Ryzen 7 5800X CPU it comes with is also powerful and, as is often the case with AMD, excels at multi-threading tasks like audio editing and streaming. Again, we don’t get DDR5 RAM here, but the 16GB of DDR4 is more than good enough, and there’s always space to upgrade or swap it out in the future. You also get a nice 1TB SSD to work with, which should last a while, even with how big games have gotten. Overall, the R14 is probably one of the best Black Friday deals for a high-end gaming desktop, at least one that runs an RTX 3080 Ti.

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