Whether you like to store notes locally on your Mac computer or use an upgraded version of iCloud notes, you have the ability to use a password to keep anything containing sensitive information inaccessible to prying eyes. Previously, using this feature required you to come up with a separate password specific to the Notes app. If your device has Touch ID, or if you have an Apple Watch, you can also utilize those options to gain access to locked notes. Those who upgrade to macOS Ventura, however, will also have the choice to apply their current Mac login password to protect their notes. This tiny addition reduces both the need to remember yet another password as well as the potential of losing access to protected notes.

If you update your Mac to run on macOS Ventura, you can also start organizing your notes through the Smart Folder feature, which now has new filters. Notes are also conveniently arranged in chronological order for easier review and can be shared with anyone through a join link.

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