Two new drive modes have been added, Rallye Mode and Off-Road Mode, both accessed using the familiar dial on the steering wheel. The former favors the rear axle, and is intended for loose, uneven surfaces like gravel. Off-Road Mode, meanwhile, pushes the 911 Dakar to its maximum ride height, and is centered around sand and other rough, unpredictable terrain.

Either way, there’s a Rallye Launch Control mode that’s exclusive to the 911 Dakar. That allows for wheel spin of up to 20%, Porsche says, to deliver the best acceleration on loose surfaces.

The car itself isn’t the only custom work Porsche has done. There’s also a matching roof basket, an optional extra that hooks up to a 12-volt socket on the roof to power its extra headlights. It can handle up to 92 pounds of equipment, whether extra gasoline tanks, tools, or whatever else you might need for an off-grid adventure. There’s also a roof tent option.

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