Vizio 2023 M-series TV hanging on a wall.

Even though Black Friday is over and most Black Friday TV deals have passed, there are still a few floating around that you can pick up if you missed out. For example, this excellent Vizio 65-inch MQ6 series is still available from Best Buy for just $500, rather than the usual $630 it goes for. We don’t know how long this deal will last, so if you like it, grab it as soon as possible rather than waiting for Cyber Monday Deals. We’ve already seen many similar deals expire within the last few hours, and we don’t know if we’ll find any similarly good ones on Cyber Monday.

Why you should buy the Vizio 65-inch MQ6 Series 4K QLED TV

Quantum-dot LED TVs are a sort of “in-between” option between a standard LED TV and a high-end OLED TV. A QLED TV adds a layer of small particles, or quantum dots, over the LED panel. This quantum-dot overlay amplifies color and brightness, creating a more vivid and vibrant picture that’s better for daytime viewing. Over the past year (and especially now with leftover Black Friday deals), the price of QLED televisions has approached that of LED TVs, making now a great time to upgrade to a quantum-dot panel if you’ve been thinking about it.

Vizio is one of the best TV brands for affordable quantum-dot televisions, and the Vizio MQ6 Series 4K QLED TV is one of the best 65-inch models you will find for less than $600 right now. Along with its vibrant and colorful QLED panel, the Vizio MQ6 Series smart TV features support for Dolby Vision and other top HDR formats, three HDMI 2.1 inputs, and Bluetooth and Wi-Fi 6 connectivity. It’s good to go for video games too, with this recent model being updated with AMD FreeSync and an automatic Game Mode that reduces input lag and optimizes the picture for gaming.

The Vizio 65-inch MQ6 Series 4K QLED TV also has some nice smart features. It’s fully compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit, so if you have a smart home ecosystem built around those platforms (or even just something like an Echo or Nest smart speaker), you can easily add this TV to your smart setup and sync it up with your other devices. The TV also has Apple AirPlay and Google Chromecast built-in, allowing you to cast content directly to the TV from a compatible mobile device.

Gone are the days when you had to pay a premium for a quantum-dot TV, and even though Black Friday is over, you can score the Vizio 65-inch MQ6 Series 4K QLED TV for just $500 after a $130 discount. That’s a killer deal.

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