There, there. You have figured out the Wordle of the day, hopefully in time to preserve your streak and brag to your friend group about doing it so quickly. Words like “there” seem like they’ve always just existed, but everything has a beginning: and the beginning of “there” is Old English “þær” which means “in or at that place, so far as, provided that, in that respect,” (via Etymonline).

“There” is often confused with its homonyms, “their” and “they’re,” and Merriam-Webster provides the best distinction. “There” always has to do with location — if you ever get confused, just remember that it has “here” in it. “Their” is a possessive pronoun so it has to do with what belongs to or relates to what a group of people or things have done. “They’re” has an apostrophe in it, and wherever there’s an apostrophe, there’s a letter missing, so the word is the contracted version of “they are.”

It took three guesses — crown, blade, and three — to figure out the answer. The first guess, as has been the trend for us lately, was super unlucky. WordleBot had better luck because its starting word, slate, has two out of the solution’s five letters. We hope you have better luck, and you might want to check out these other Wordle-like games for more puzzle action.

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