The solution to today’s Wordle puzzle (#517- November 18, 2022) is glyph. The term is used in typography, architecture, archaeology, and IT to refer to any kind of meaningful mark or symbol. It’s from the Greek “gluphē” and French “glyphe,” which means carved work (via Merriam-Webster).

Glyphs were a major part of the renowned documents of the Meso-American civilization, the Maya. They used glyphs to record events and create calendars on stone slabs called stelae (via DKFindOut).

Unlike yesterday (and other days before it), our first guess today wasn’t so unlucky. It was the word clown, which WordleBot commended even though it isn’t on the list of recommended starter words (and that proves our point: the rules aren’t set in stone!). The second word, brain, whittled options down to three, and after guessing the word slurp on the third try, the answer was clear. We wish you better luck.

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