Toyota is adding a bit more flavor to its EV lineup starting with its bZ Compact SUV concept, which will make its debut at the 2022 Los Angeles Auto Show. If the previous EV model wasn’t exciting enough, Toyota teases that its latest EV concept will be “fun to drive” given its “exhilarating performance.” Compared to the bZ4X, Toyota’s latest electric crossover looks a lot sportier, given its sleek contours, bulging fender flares, streamlined rear end, and overall aggressive design. In a press release, Toyota claimed its aerodynamic styling was meant to make it appear mobile without even budging. Toyota vice president David Christ hints at the bZ concept utilizing “intuitive tech features never before seen in a Toyota model.”

Although it might have borrowed some of the bZ4X’s exterior aesthetics, they look nothing alike on the inside. From its generous spacing, curved digital displays, and a revamped center console that looks less cluttered, the bZ concept’s interior now looks more relaxing than what its name suggests. Aside from consisting of environmentally friendly materials, its interior also houses an integrated personal assistant dubbed “Yui.” This “personal agent” utilizes audio and visual cues to communicate and assist anyone onboard. Another standout feature is a yoke steering wheel, which looks wider and more futuristic than the bZ4X concept’s wing-shaped design.┬áIt’s safe to say Toyota’s concept is looking more like a Tesla than its bZ brethren, and if it’s just as good, perhaps the competition should be paying attention.

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