Although it might seem like a good idea to use a blow dryer on your wet phone, it might be more harmful than helpful. The current could drive moisture farther into your phone, and the heat will only cause more damage to the delicate components of your device. This is also why it’s a bad idea to leave a wet phone out in the sun to dry.

Instead, gently shake your phone to force water out of all the ports, then wipe it down with a dry microfiber cloth. After that, take it apart and remove as many components as you can. Of course, we’re not suggesting you pull out your precision screwdrivers and dismantle your phone  that might complicate the damage and also void your warranty. Remove everything you possibly can  protective case, SIM card, SD card, and battery (if removable). Wipe those down as well and leave them in a cool place to dry.

You could place your phone near a window, fan, or AC vent to speed up the drying process. Another option is to bury your phone in an airtight container with desiccant packets. Desiccant packets (also known as Silica gels) are those little bags you find in shoe boxes with the “DO NOT EAT” warning on them. They absorb water better than rice does, so they can help wick more moisture from your phone.

After your phone has dried, put it back together and try turning it on. If it works, great! You should still keep an eye on it for a few weeks to be sure that everything works as it should. If you notice any malfunction, take your phone to an expert to get a repair or replacement.

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